Twitcam – Stream live onto Twitter

31/08/2009 by Logan Nathan

Twitcam allows me to post videos onto Twitter for my followers to watch. It’s an excellent add-on to Twitter which allows while broadcasting to chat with viewers live and once done, can be archived. It takes Twitter to a whole new level letting you to go beyond 140 characters. . . .

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Twitseeker – Who you’re looking for… By what they’re talking about

30/08/2009 by Logan Nathan

An effective way of searching for other Tweeters by using search terms. Twitseeker lets you find people to follow depending on your interests or the people you wish to target. You can use Twitseeker to find people through either their profile or through their actual tweet and follow them. . . .

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BudURL – Shrink it, Spread it, Watch it grow

29/08/2009 by Logan Nathan

BudURL allows you to “Shrink” a link and “Spread” it. If you have long links which will take up much of your tweets, use BudURL. With A BudURL account you can use it to shorten links such as the RSS feed links (which can then be used with Twitter Feed). These links can be tracked with BudURL so you can see how many people have been visiting that link to see how effective your tweeting is. . . .

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Twitter Feed – Feed your blog to twitter and more

28/08/2009 by Logan Nathan

Twitter Feed adds further efficiencies to your Twitter account by allowing RSS feeds to be ‘fed’ to your Twitter account. The RSS feeds are scheduled to be tweeted at your discrepancies. Simple to set up and use, you just have to simply link your Twitter account to your Twitter Feed account and add the feeds you want to be tweeted. . . .

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socialoomph – Another Twitter Productivity Tool for busy Twitter account holders!

27/08/2009 by Logan Nathan

socialoomph software is trusted and preferred productivity solution for more than 100,000+Twitter accounts, with roughly 1,800,000+ tweets published every 7 days. I have personally used this software and found it is an easy to use software. It is work checking out socialoomph software for your use. . . .

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Twitter Automated Promotion & Marketing Tool – Tweet Adder

26/08/2009 by Logan Nathan

I am using tweetadder software tool to build my twitter account. It is one of the complete Twitter management software tool available on the market now. You can download and automate most of your requirements, which includes, follow, unfollow, automate tweet messages and keep an overall view of your single or multiple twiiter accounts. . . .

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Has Social Media Optimisation SMO Killed Search Engine Optimisation SEO

13/08/2009 by Logan Nathan

Getting a website ranked on the first page of search engines is the dream of all businesses that rely on the internet to drive traffic and generate sales. There are many strategies to achieve this objective, including Pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, linking and search engine optimisation (SEO). . . .

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