Getting Your Website Integrated With Social Media written by Logan Nathan

30/12/2009 by Logan Nathan

Until recently business owners considered Social Media a passing fad. Now even the big business have realised the immense potential of social media as a marketing tool and have embraced this marketing phenomenon with open arms. The obvious next step of course is to integrate social media with the business website. While this may sound difficult to anyone outside the technology industry, it really is not difficult. Essentially using social media is just another way of expanding channels of communication with prospects and customers using content in different forms that are already prevalent, such as video, audio and text. . . .

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Social Media Strategy For Business

20/12/2009 by Logan Nathan

Social media has taken the marketing world by storm and ignoring it can result in lost market share and opportunities to promote brand awareness among a far wider community of prospects that traditional media can ever hope to reach. An amazing business tool, social media, if used correctly can open up an entirely new communication channel to enable businesses engage with customers, obtain valuable insights and respond in an appropriate manner to gain brand equity and increase the level of trust with the company. Besides, by using available measurement tools the effectiveness of the conversations that businesses have with prospects can be measured closely, allowing them to fine tune their soc

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