Flickr – Social Media For Business With The Power Of Images

30/03/2010 by Logan Nathan

They say a picture is worth is a thousand words. As a social media for business marketing strategy however, pictures could be worth a thousands of dollars. Are you using pictures effectively to promote your company or products effectively online? One of the most underutilized and least appreciated tactics is sharing a full suite of downloadable online photos. Sharing images of your key staff, company building, special events and the like can help people familiarize themselves with the company and build trust with your company. . . .

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Using Social Media for Business – The Power Of LinkedIn written by Logan Nathan

14/03/2010 by Logan Nathan

With over 125,000,000 professionals from around the world representing 150 industries. LinkedIn is a trusted online networking platform for business professionals, and is often called the “Facebook” of business. LinkedIn offers an excellent opportunity for business professionals to initiate contacts that can lead to fruitful business relationships. Professionals like accountants, lawyers and engineers are increasingly focusing on LinkedIn as a key element of their social media marketing arsenal. . . .

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Social Media Ethic – Why You Should Think Before You Type?

08/03/2010 by Logan Nathan

Human nature is a very complicated thing and many times our emotions can rule our actions. I’m sure everyone, at one time or another, has had an awful day and snapped at someone at the office, on the phone or even over the dinner table. Now, these instances happen in real time, where the interaction is not documented (unless there is a hidden camera at the water cooler). So if you make a mistake, you can apologize and smooth out the situation. Many times you can even improve on a poor first impression. . . .

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