How To Integrate Social Media into Search Marketing

30/07/2010 by Logan Nathan

Business owners often ask the question, can Social Media Marketing be used to improve search results for a business? The answer is yes. There are many ways that Social Media and Search Engine Marketing can be integrated to give a business greater visibility both for paid search and organic search. . . .

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Twitter – Building relationships one tweet at a time

26/07/2010 by Logan Nathan

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform that allows users to communicate using short messages with 140 characters in real time. Users can follow each other and keep up to date on what their followers and other businesses are posting. . . .

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How Businesses Can Overcome Social Media Obstacles

by Logan Nathan

Businesses who start out with Social Media Campaigns often complain that their efforts do not show results. It is true that Social Media Marketing may not always produce instant results that are expected by a generation of business owners who have grown up in the “instant gratification” culture of the modern society. On the other hand there are certain obstacles that entrepreneurs and business owners need to be able to overcome for their Social Media Campaigns to be effective. . . .

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Business Blog – How to build one and what to post

20/07/2010 by Logan Nathan

Before you begin setting up a blog on your business website, the question you need to ask yourself is what will get visitors to return to your website frequently to view your new posts. Certain blog building elements are crucial to the success of building a business blog. All these elements should be in place for a blog to be effective. The basic elements are like building blocks and while they are not difficult to build, they are extremely important. . . .

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Social Media Marketing – Your new traffic tool

13/07/2010 by Logan Nathan

Are you in an atmosphere to drive traffic to your website and increasing conversions? Enter Social media without slaying your assets… This can drive an insane amount of traffic to your website. This phenomenon of Social Media Marketing has even overtaken SEO on many fronts such as its popularity. There are numerous ways to do it and several Social Networks to do this with. Naturally one size does not at all and each Social Network needs to be worked differently for the desired results. . . .

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