Giving businesses an edge with Social Media

28/01/2011 by Logan Nathan

Written by Cassandra Mascarenhas Source : Daily Financial Times The phenomenon of Social Media has proved to be invaluable to businesses worldwide with its ability to allow direct contact with consumers and its wide outreach to a target market as a whole. Understanding the vital role that Social Media plays in the world today, Sri Lankan entrepreneur based in Australia Logan Nathan on a visit to Sri Lanka conducted an executive briefing aimed at senior management teams titled ‘Social Media for Businesses’ earlier this week. Well attended by an eclectic group of entrepreneurs, businessmen, travel agents, web developers and other interested parties, the workshop tackled the bl

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Social Media 2011 – Is Your Business Ready To Cope?

18/01/2011 by Logan Nathan

Having taken the plunge into Social Media in 2010, you’re probably wondering what trends you can take advantage of in 2011. What’s new? What’s no longer an effective marketing tool? How should you allocate your budget? Here are some indicators of just what you need to consider ensure that you make the most of your social media strategy. Retailers will shift reliance from static websites to social platforms With platforms such as facebook attracting huge audiences, savvy retailers will take advantage of the potential to expand their sales channels from traditional websites to social channels. Marketers will integrate their websites with social platforms and also encourage fans to b

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The Impact of Social Media in the Travel & Hospitality Industry

04/01/2011 by Logan Nathan

As the world of online marketing continues to grow, and new ways of communicating with niche markets are sought out, Social Media has withstood the onslaught of critics and has proved to be a winner. That being said the challenge for business is to use Social Media in the most creative way in their own organisations so that they can reach their prospects and customers in a manner that builds strong and healthy long term relationships. Mobile Technology & Social Media Marketing The parallel rise of mobile technology has proven to be a boon for social media marketers. The soaring popularity of android and iphone based applications has seen social media take over from email in mobile comm

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