A Step-by-Step Guide to creating Google+ company pages – Local Business or Place

11/11/2011 by Logan Nathan

The just over 100 day old Google+, the search engine giant’s social media channel has just opened its doors to company and brand pages.  The social network already boasts of a 40 million member network and is the fastest growing social media channel. The company has also launched a complimentary feature called Google Direct Connect, which makes is easy for users to find Google+ pages using Google search. Although currently limited to brand and company pages, the feature will expand in the near future to include all business pages. With features such as hangout, circles, sparks and chat, Google+ has certainly won points for novelty and companies are scrambling to create their com

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How to brand your business using Social Media

07/11/2011 by Logan Nathan

Background When you hear the word brands, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Coco Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Google? Did you ever stop to think why these brands are so popular or why these names are a constant presence in our minds? What makes these brands stand out amongst millions of others? One word – branding. So what is branding? Well the key to success in branding in understanding the customers’ needs and wants and anticipating them. Your branding strategy needs to be entwined with the hearts and minds of your customers. In the past, branding meant advertising via TV, radio, newspapers and on hoardings, flyers and other print material. Its about having a constant

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Qantas Airline Industrial Dispute – the Social Media Reaction

02/11/2011 by Logan Nathan

For the first time a major brand in Australia went through a serious union strike and industrial conflict where the whole world reacted through social media. Through this article, we hope to examine the Qantas back story, the damage to the brand and the social media reaction from both the public and Qantas itself. The Back Story Whether you are living in Australia or elsewhere in the world, you were probably aware of the recent industrial dispute of Australia’s flagship airline carrier. As part of a long running labour dispute, Qantas started grounding its flights, with all flights being halted over the last weekend of October. The dispute which was developing for over 18 mont

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