Social Search – The End of Traditional SEO?

23/01/2012 by Logan Nathan

We are only a few weeks into 2012 and the social media world has been revolutionised yet again. This time around it’s Google and its Social Network Google+.Google has launched Search plus your World. This feature has been in the works for a while now and released at the beginning of 2012. As expected it faced criticism on many points including privacy concerns, security, anti-trust, and also the war amongst the big 3 Social Media giants Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There is much debate about how this is going to affect traffic from news sites, how this will affect users and personalised search. With Google’s new social search initiative, search results are integrated with a user

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Four Steps to Building your Social Media for Business Campaign

16/01/2012 by Logan Nathan

The year 2012 has been dubbed by experts as the year of social content and customer engagement. However for marketers the daunting task has always been how can they translate the time, effort and money spent on social media to get a Return on Investment (ROI). But social media has always intrigued marketers due to the fact that it adds interactivity which did not exist in traditional marketing.  Using Social Media campaigns marketers can engage and directly communicate with the customers, a feat that was impossible with traditional marketing channels. In an age when social media is the major online platform used by our current and future customers, what are the steps social marketers

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