The Challenge for Businesses with Social Media and Mobile

26/08/2012 by Logan Nathan

As Samsung and Apple battle it out for dominance in the mobile space with smartphone and tablets, other companies are trying to bridge the gap between IT and mobile. Social Media and mobile phones have become intertwined and created a new medium of corporate communications.  But how are the IT departments of companies going to cope? How can they survive? With applications, analytics, add-ons, server space all freely available, do organisations require an in house IT department? What is the future of enterprise IT? Gartner research indicates that within the next three years, almost 35% of enterprise IT expenditures will happen outside of the corporate IT structure. What does this mean?

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The Top Five Social Networking Sites for your Business

22/08/2012 by Logan Nathan

Social Networking is an established practice in companies and it is considered to be an integral part of online marketing. With the number of social networking sites on the rise and each one offering a different service and catering to a different audience, where do you draw the line? As a business, you cannot afford to spend infinite time maintaining your social networking sites. So which ones can you leverage to maximise the efficiency and ROI of your company? We have compiled a list of the top five social networking sites that we feel are important for companies to consider when drafting your social media strategy. These sites are the absolute must haves for any company. Facebook –

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The ROI of Embracing Social Media for Business

12/08/2012 by Logan Nathan

Social Media today, has become an integral part of any organisation. However, there is an on-going debate about how to measure the ROI of social media for businesses. McKinsey Quarterly, recently released a report aptly titled – “The Social Economy – Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies”. . . .

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Watching the London 2012 SoLoMo Olympic Games

05/08/2012 by Logan Nathan

By the time you read this article, the London 2012 games would be heading towards the final leg together with the big closing ceremony. While its early days yet, but let’s look back on the role of Social.Local.Mobile (SoLoMo) in Olympic Games. . . .

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