5 Social Selling Tips to Learn From a ‘Tuk Tuk’ Driver

12/11/2013 by Logan Nathan

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Sri Lanka (my place of birth) and India again. Having lived in the former, and visited the latter on a number of occasions, I am well aware of the undeniable chaos, THE HEAVY TRAFFIC! This sense of awareness (sounds mystical right), has taught me that reaching my destination on time in any of the larger cities is possible only via the three-wheel taxi fondly known as the ‘tuk tuk’. Also known as trishaws or three-wheelers, these little vehicles are a common sight in every country in South Asia. What’s my experience in ‘tuk tuks’ got to do with social selling? Before we delve into the crux of this blog post, let’s identify the 5 s

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Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

06/11/2013 by Logan Nathan

With both small and large companies increasingly establishing and expanding their presence on social media, it has led to more customer touch points for businesses. As a result, customers and potential customers are connecting and engaging with brands and companies at an unprecedented level. Such exposure has deemed it essential for your business also to ensure social media marketing is done in the best possible way. With Australian users surpassing 13 million on Facebook, 5 million on LinkedIn and 2 million on Twitter, the importance of knowing the do’s and don’ts of social media marketing has never been higher. Why Social Media? As much as social media has been embraced by lar

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6 Social Media Mistakes – Digital Marketing Strategy Gone Wrong

10/10/2013 by Logan Nathan

Managing your organisation’s social media presence on a variety of platforms can be a daunting and time consuming affair. But with the increased usage of social media, incorporating social media marketing with your traditional marketing activities is a must. Social media is a great way to connect with your customers thanks to its reach, transparency and convenience. But at the same time, there might be mistakes that you may be committing without your knowledge, some of which could very well tarnish your image online and off. In other words, your audience’s perception of you might take a turn for the worst due to these mistakes. Here are some of the most fundamental mistakes that we

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Strategies for Social Selling Using LinkedIn – The Pain, Prescription and Pills Series – Part 5

11/09/2013 by Logan Nathan

The previous four instalments have set the stage for you to harness the power of LinkedIn to boost your social selling initiatives. Part 5, Strategies for Social Selling using LinkedIn, is the culmination of your journey on the L.E.A.D.S series with me. To recap, you: Have your personal profile at ALL-STAR status  Are you engaging and networking like a pro Have you activated your company page? Understand the basics of social selling and how LinkedIn can help In short, this instalment brings together the aforementioned posts to provide you with a workable strategy towards social selling success. Social selling as we have now come to understand is all about

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Demystifying Social Selling – The Pain, Prescription and Pills Series – Part 4

22/08/2013 by Logan Nathan

In the previous 3 Parts of the PPP series we learnt how to use LinkedIn to build a trustworthy online reputation by setting up your profile to the ALL-STAR level, engaging with your network and activating your company page. Now, with Part 4, we step into the exciting world of sales, which is the very lifeblood of every business. Success in sales has largely depended on relationships. Establishing rapport, leveraging existing relationships and building new relationships via face-to-face meetings, conferences, social clubs etc. has been the norm. However, lead generation is an impending problem for many. Pain – Traditional networking doesn’t generate enough leads In an era

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Top 7 Trends for an Effective Website Makeover

12/08/2013 by Logan Nathan

Is your business website providing the necessary results that you have been looking for? If you have been thinking of building a new website or revamping your existing one, read on as we take you through some creative and exciting trends in web design technology. Your website makeover will be a success, we promise! Your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. And, as you invest more in it, having a great website goes without saying. A great website consists of several factors. Some of the most important ones being:   Consistent design User-friendly interface Clarity and visibility of information Compatible on different browsers Adaptabil

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Activating Your LinkedIn Company Page – The Pain, Prescription and Pills Series – Part 3 [updated]

06/08/2013 by Logan Nathan

In the last 2 parts of my PPP series, we looked at how you can leverage LinkedIn to make the most of your engagement. In this part, I will explain why it’s important to activate your Company Page on LinkedIn and the right way to get started. Before I prescribe the solutions to engaging with prospects, clients and suppliers through a LinkedIn company page strategically let me reveal some of the questions most participants at my LinkedIn workshops raise, as these are the ones you may be grappling with yourself when engaging on LinkedIn. Here are the Common Pains: I have my personal profile, why do I need a company page? What are the benefits of having a company page? How c

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5 SEO Tips to Optimise your Small Business Website for Local Search

29/07/2013 by Logan Nathan

5 SEO Tips to Optimise your Small Business Website for Local Search Online marketing has played a pivotal role in helping small businesses achieve business goals. This week we will be looking into an important aspect of your online marketing strategy – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how it helps your business to be found online for Local Searches. First of all let’s understand what Local Search is. This is a very simple concept: Any search conducted on Google (which is the most popular search engine today) with the aim of finding a product/service provider in a specific geographical area is defined as a Local Search. E.g. “digital marketing in Sydney.” Go ahead, try it!

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Australian Digital Marketing Company Launches Online LinkedIn Training Academy

23/07/2013 by Logan Nathan

SolomoIT Academy is a One-Stop Online Training Resource to Help Job seekers, Those Looking to Enhance Their Reputation and Organisations Harness the Power of LinkedIn for Social Networking and Online Branding. SolomoIT, an Australia digital marketing company, has launched a new venture, SolomoIT Academy on 1st July 2013. SolomoIT, has acquired distribution rights of online LinkedIn training videos in the Asia Pacific region from Smarp. A leading provider of social business tools and services, Smarp has an established presence in Europe as a trusted partner for employee and corporate branding and is also an Official LinkedIn EMEA Talent Solutions Partner. “As an organisation condu

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12 Steps to a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

01/07/2013 by Logan Nathan

12 Steps to a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan Social media is no longer a question of “should we” but a question of “how to”. Businesses have been consistently cutting back on tradition marketing expenses whilst increasing investment in online marketing. And, guess which dimension of online marketing is the best way to reach your customer! Yep, social media! And, this week, we pull back the curtains on how you too can implement a successful social media campaign for your organisation. Social media has proven itself repeatedly, as a useful tool to place brands ‘out there’, giving them maximum exposure and also turning audience into raving fans. Let’s not forget h

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