5 Big Changes in Social Media Since January 2013

26/03/2013 by Logan Nathan

5 Big Changes in Social Media Since January 2013 The fabulous world of social media has undergone numerous changes during the recent past. Each platform, in its quest to provide the ultimate user experience and to set itself apart as the preferred choice, has evolved continuously. While the channels battle it out, we as users have been exposed to a variety of forms of information exchange, connections and engagement. This phenomenon has resulted in a complete change in our behavioural patterns as consumers forcing digital marketers to continuously re-think their strategies to stay atop the myriad of changes that occur. Based on our observances during the past few weeks, our team has p

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Does Your Website Have the WOW Factor?

11/03/2013 by Logan Nathan

Does Your Website Have the WOW Factor? Your business website is the primary touch-point for your target audience. Whether you have an e-commerce website or use your site to better market your product/service offering, ask yourself whether your website is capable of providing users a memorable experience and prompting them to action. Many a business owner is left wondering, regardless of how beautiful their websites are, why the conversion (converting a visitor in to a customer) rate remains low. This week we explain some of the features that you need to consider when building your website to ensure your online presence is strong and complements your overall business objectives. Cla

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