5 SEO Tips to Optimise your Small Business Website for Local Search

29/07/2013 by Logan Nathan

5 SEO Tips to Optimise your Small Business Website for Local Search Online marketing has played a pivotal role in helping small businesses achieve business goals. This week we will be looking into an important aspect of your online marketing strategy – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how it helps your business to be found online for Local Searches. First of all let’s understand what Local Search is. This is a very simple concept: Any search conducted on Google (which is the most popular search engine today) with the aim of finding a product/service provider in a specific geographical area is defined as a Local Search. E.g. “digital marketing in Sydney.” Go ahead, try it!

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Australian Digital Marketing Company Launches Online LinkedIn Training Academy

23/07/2013 by Logan Nathan

SolomoIT Academy is a One-Stop Online Training Resource to Help Job seekers, Those Looking to Enhance Their Reputation and Organisations Harness the Power of LinkedIn for Social Networking and Online Branding. SolomoIT, an Australia digital marketing company, has launched a new venture, SolomoIT Academy on 1st July 2013. SolomoIT, has acquired distribution rights of online LinkedIn training videos in the Asia Pacific region from Smarp. A leading provider of social business tools and services, Smarp has an established presence in Europe as a trusted partner for employee and corporate branding and is also an Official LinkedIn EMEA Talent Solutions Partner. “As an organisation condu

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12 Steps to a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

01/07/2013 by Logan Nathan

12 Steps to a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan Social media is no longer a question of “should we” but a question of “how to”. Businesses have been consistently cutting back on tradition marketing expenses whilst increasing investment in online marketing. And, guess which dimension of online marketing is the best way to reach your customer! Yep, social media! And, this week, we pull back the curtains on how you too can implement a successful social media campaign for your organisation. Social media has proven itself repeatedly, as a useful tool to place brands ‘out there’, giving them maximum exposure and also turning audience into raving fans. Let’s not forget h

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