7 Ways to Gear up Your Small Business Website for 2016

25/11/2015 by Logan Nathan

Are you a small and medium business owner looking for a way to improve your online marketing branding and ROI in 2016? If yes, then read on… Did you know that you have less than 10 seconds to make a first great impression with your company website today? The fact is that start-ups, entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses are struggling hard to keep their heads above the water, let alone thrive in this neck to neck competitive online landscape! Having said that, it’s imperative for your online business to have a website that provides a quick interpretation of the benefits, easy navigation through pages, develop credibility and prompt site visitors to take a desired action. H

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Branding Yourself on LinkedIn– Landing Your Next Dream Job with REAL LIFE Skills!

20/11/2015 by Logan Nathan

With the advent of social media platforms, the process of identifying smart post-graduate students to fill key senior positions with a company has tremendously evolved over the years! However, how many of these fresh graduates have adopted the REAL LIFE skills required to establish a strong online identity, beat competition and land their next dream job? You guessed it! Only a handful. “When it comes to Social Media, you don’t need to tell the young generation how to use it! However, LinkedIn is different and a vast majority of young, tech-savvy individuals pursuing professional studies fail to position themselves correctly, in order to land their next dream job during their pos

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