Is Microsoft the Answer to Your SMB’s Digital Transformation Journey?

16/05/2017 by Logan Nathan

“It’s no longer about procuring one solution and deploying one. It’s really you yourself thinking of your own future as a digital company.” – Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella With cloud, mobile, social, and big data transforming the everyday lives of our customers – the only option today’s businesses are left with – is to prepare for change or let competitors take over. As a Microsoft Surface Life Brand Ambassador, I’ve been to several Microsoft events where products are being showcased, highlighting the key role they play in improving operational efficiency and meeting customer expectations for various businesses. . . .

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3 Mind-Blowing Digital Transformation Lessons You Can Learn from Australian Farmers

05/04/2017 by Logan Nathan

If you have ever been to rural Victoria, you just can’t ignore the air drenched with the beautiful aroma of fresh produce. Little do we realise the amount of sweat that rolls down a farmer’s brow to ensure his cows receive adequate water, the crop is safe from insect infestations and the fruit reaches the stores tasting as great as it was picked minutes before! As a Digital Transformation Strategist and Microsoft’s brand ambassador, I’m fortunate to have visited several of these farms myself, got to know the struggles these farmers used to have and experience firsthand how empowering their people and processes through technology helped them overcome challenges related to lost effi

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