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About Logan Nathan – Digital Transformation Specialist

Logan Nathan is a digital transformation strategist specialising

Innovation is key to survival and that’s what I live by day in and day out.

As a Digital Transformation Influencer  and Digital Strategy Thought Leader, I feel a strong drive to empower Australian SMBs to have a ‘Think Digital’ mindset and help them to digitally innovate every aspect of their business to deliver exceptional customer experience!

Having developed various SaaS (Software as a Service) based platforms to assist progressive companies in the Australian market, I can provide Digitally Disruptive solutions guaranteeing business growth, process efficiency and innovative digital marketing to produce results in line with your online business objectives.



Influence brands to disrupt their own business and challenge their current work silos by embracing innovative digital solutions to become leaders in their niche.



Deliver exceptional customer experience with our cost-effective and agile approach, online best practices, innovative strategies and implementation plans to digitally transform small businesses.



Our values are a reflection of our culture which entails:

  • Thinking digital
  • Constant innovation
  • Adoption of Disruptive Technology
  • Customer-centric focus
  • Commitment to quality
  • Keeping up with latest technology and trends
  • Making workplace fun and productive
  • Respecting workforce diversity
  • Working with honesty and integrity


My consulting and strategy services are crafted to help small to medium business owners manage the next wave of digital disruption and come at par with their digital-ready competitors.

Our clear focus and commitment to excellence has helped us achieve outstanding results in the field of Digital Marketing, Social Selling, Digital Transformation and Digital Innovation for a vast number of SME businesses in Australia.



  • Our customers are the centre of our focus and satisfying their needs is our priority
  • Our attention to details and immaculate precision results in 100% customised solutions
  • Nothing can keep us away from our dedication to serve and perform
  • Delivering quality products to the best of our ability


I help businesses through:

  • Personalised and niche specific Digital Transformation consulting and strategy
  • Creating innovative Customer Experience models ready to be applied in the SMB market place.
  • Transformative Digital Marketing Outsourcing for entrepreneurs and SMBs
  • Training/Speaking on Digital Transformation, Innovation, Digital Disruption, Social Selling and Digital Marketing within Australia and abroad.

Based in Melbourne and Sydney, we serve customers in Sydney (New South Wales), Brisbane (Queensland), Melbourne (Victoria) and other locations throughout Australia. We have also started witnessing growth in our client-base from customers coming from Europe and Asia.

If you wish to learn more about Logan or the team or you have any queries related to digital training, consulting or strategy building,  feel free to call us on 1300 430 949 or send us an email at and find out how we can help you with your business’s digital transformation goals.