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E-Book – Social Media Secrets for your Business


With the entire buzz around social media, entrepreneurs and business owners seem more confused than ever about social media and whether it’s really important for their business. Now a new e-book, “Social Media Secrets for your Business” has come to the rescue for business owners struggling to come to terms with social media.


Following the immense success of ‘Twitter Secrets For Your Business’ e-Book last year, Logan Nathan, an Australian based entrepreneur & Digital Transformation specialist has launched a new e-book titled, “Social Media Secrets For Your Business”.


Since its arrival on the digital marketing scene, Social Media has had a tremendous impact on the way businesses interact with prospects, customers and partners. Digital Marketing is now a business skill that must be learnt for success in the new economy. Many businesses however have no clue about taking the next step to integrating Social Media into their business.


The proof that social media is influencing the way businesses interact online is clear from the increasing presence of businesses on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube. These platforms until recently, were thought to be a place where teenagers & young adults hang out online. However all of this has now changed.


Social Media Secrets for Your Business takes entrepreneurs and business owners by the hand and unravels the mysteries of what social media is all about, why businesses should embrace this opportunity and the different platforms that can be taken advantage of from planning a social media campaign, to understanding the major platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn, the e-book delves deeply into each platform, explaining exactly how each can be integrated into an organisation’s marketing strategy. The e-book also includes the precautions that should be taken to ensure that businesses play by the rules and avoid getting banned by social media platforms.


Logan Nathan is the owner and Managing Director of an award winning company, ICT Internet Presence (or ICTIP). ICTIP has been servicing customers throughout Australia, creating & implementing a number of innovative online initiatives using creative Social Media techniques.


The company has been focusing on Digital Transformation with ‘Social Media’ as an integral part of it, and is leading the way in a number of initiatives such as reviewing company websites and putting together online strategies and implementation plans for them. ICTIP demonstrates to companies the exact processes to implement that are practical, measurable and utmost necessary to bring about digital transformation for your business.


In addition, Logan is also founder and owner of, which is a Social Media Web Tool released in April 2010 and has quickly increased its popularity within a short period of time.


Logan Nathan also runs a workshop called ‘Social Media for Business’ in Australia and 100+ businesses have undergone the training. Several of these have implemented what they have learnt and reported their success stories to Logan.


Rod Mathews at KSR Smash repairs said “Curiosity got the better of me about Twitter & Social Media. Logan’s workshop was a step-by-step course explaining exactly what to do. Now I really believe that Social Media can help grow your business and I am going full steam to implement what I have learnt.”


The “Social Media Secrets for your Business”e-book, Logan says, is a “must have” for entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to implement social media strategies to grow their businesses and embrace digital transformation as their future. Using the step-by-step instructions businesses can now begin to fast-track social media marketing initiatives without relying on hit and miss strategies that have left so many businesses frustrated.


Learn more about Logan Nathan and how he is using Social Media as part of your over-arching marketing goals to bring digital transformation to businesses.