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Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Through Twitter Utilities


With Twitter sewing up the market for sharing bits of information with the public, smart entrepreneurs are hopping on the bandwagon and leveraging the enormous success of Twitter with their own services. . . .

With Twitter sewing up the market for sharing bits of information with the public, smart entrepreneurs are hopping on the bandwagon and leveraging the enormous success of Twitter with their own services.

Adding value to the twitter experience

Businesses are now using Twitter related services to get feedback, announce new products, share information about forthcoming special offers, track the conversation that’s going on around their brand or broadcast details about their upcoming seminars, meetings and coaching programs.

Twitter utilities are being used by leading companies such as Dell, JetBlue Airways, The New York Times and even the BBC. For instance leading publishing houses use such services to send alerts about breaking news, which urges their readers to buy their daily newspaper. Airlines are able to let their customers know about their new routes, reduced fares or discounts on particular routes.

From the marketing department to the boardroom

With marketing accountability taking on a crucial role for businesses especially in the current economy, businesses are using such services to measure the results from their social media activities. Entering into meaningful conversations in the social media arena takes time, and resources have to be allocated to give social media strategies to work. There are now several services that allow companies to track and monitor their Twitter activity. Using such services marketing professionals can test their social media strategies and implement measures that bring them the best results. Another advantage of using Twitter monitoring services is to present a case study to management on the benefits of using social media as an integral part of the overall marketing plan.

Saving time through automation

Given the current economical conditions, marketing managers need their staff to optimise their time to deliver results. While working smarter ensures that employees don’t get stressed by working longer hours, employers can redirect funds allocated for overtime payments into innovative marketing efforts. This is where automation plays an important part. While social media activity should be an ongoing activity, there are several automation tools that can be used to make the process of using Twitter for business marketing faster and less tedious. For instance users can write a number of Tweets and schedule them to appear at regular time intervals throughout the day. Potential joint venture partners can be identified and followed automatically, and new followers can also be followed back automatically.

Monitoring and measuring for online success

Keeping the eyes and ears to the ground are important factors that help businesses react to both customer’s expectations and also competitive threats. Twitter utilities are now available that allow businesses to receive email alerts whenever their product, brand, competitor or any other keyword is queried on Twitter. The advantage here is that by getting such information in real time, businesses can be in tune with the conversation that’s going on in the social stratosphere and rectify problems or find ways to provide enhanced customer value.

The mobile Twitter experience

Recently marketing on the internet has taken on a new dimension with the introduction of smart mobile phones, so business can execute social media related tasks on the move, so those hours journeying to and from work by public transport are made use of effectively.

Whatever brand of Smartphone you use, there are utilities that provide a range of services allowing users to send direct messages to followers, retweet messages or reply to messages from Twitter followers while on the go. Twitter utilities have added tremendous value to the micro blogging platform and have provided businesses with an amazing potential to exploit this social media platform to grow their business on the internet.

About the Author

Logan Nathan is based in Sydney, Australia is an Internet Marketer and specialises in Social Media Marketing. He is an authority on Social Media and has released his ebook which can be found at and currently working another ebook on Social Media for Business, which is expected to be released on.

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