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Social Media Strategy For Business

social media strategy


Getting Started With A Social Media Plan For Your Business


Social media has taken the marketing world by storm and ignoring it can result in lost market share and opportunities to promote brand awareness among a far wider community of prospects that traditional media can ever hope to reach. An amazing business tool, social media, if used correctly can open up an entirely new communication channel to enable businesses engage with customers, obtain valuable insights and respond in an appropriate manner to gain brand equity and increase the level of trust with the company. Besides, by using available measurement tools the effectiveness of the conversations that businesses have with prospects can be measured closely, allowing them to fine tune their social media campaigns to deliver the maximum impact.


Planning for success


Participation in social media requires thought and planning without which the whole exercise can easily turn into a huge waste of time. This makes it imperative to have a structured approach while considering a social media campaign. The preliminary step is to listen to the conversations that may already be occurring about yourself or your organisation. One way of doing this is by setting up an RSS feed that aggregates results from social media sites. Make sure that you analyse competitor activities and are able to determine your competitive strengths and weaknesses so you can counter threats and take advantage of the opportunities presented as you progress with implementing your strategy.

While conducting searches for relevant information, be specific to ensure that the results are targeted to your product or service. By using specific keywords you will be able to uncover blogs, videos and twitter profiles that are related to your industry.


Defining the strategy

The next step is to define the social media strategy. While there are several social media platforms, it is a good idea to start with the one that’s suits your business, rather than participate in all of them.  This will become apparent if the company has a clearly defined social media objective, the key areas of focus, a clearly marked out target audience and the resources to implement the strategy. A good idea is to begin by hosting a blog on the company website and posting valuable information on a regular basis. Other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., can subsequently be built upon.


Strategy implementation


Having decided on a strategy, it’s time to get started with implementation. This is where it can get really exciting. Begin by posting information on your blogs and leaving comments on other people’s blogs. You can upload photos on Flickr, stream videos on YouTube, set up communities on LinkedIn, start a fan page on Facebook and post valuable tweets to build a huge following on Twitter.  Make sure you always consider your organisation’s interest is in the forefront while maintaining relationships with the online communities.


Measuring the results


Finally it is important to measure the results of your social media campaign. Set some KPIs and determine if you

  • Gained some new insights with respect to your customer base
  • Were able to successfully attract and engage in meaningful conversations with your prospects and customers
  • Now have an established system to obtain feedback and respond to issues raised as you participate in online conversations
  • Have an ongoing plan for expanding your reach and maintaining a competitive edge


Strategic participation in social media can provide enormous benefits to your businesses. You will find that your prospects and customers have a better perception of your business and what you stand for. Your target audience will also feel empowered to have the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with key stakeholders. The secret however is to keep the focus on the social media strategy and the expected outcome. It is very easy to drop the ball and get sidetracked into wasting time rather than adding value using social media strategies.




“We are currently setting up our social media strategy as part of our overall brand and marketing plan. I have dabbled with LinkedIn and Facebook but my philosophy is: when you are not sure of how to do something well, get advice from someone who does!


I have known Logan Nathan for a while now and I recently attended his Social Media Secrets for Business workshop. As a business coach, finding the right professionals and service providers to work with and recommend is critical to the value and experience I can offer my clients. Not only must our partners have integrity, they must walk their talk. Logan Nathan is definitely an example of someone who we trust to help our business and who we would happily recommend to our clients. Logan has the runs on the board, his finger on the pulse and is an excellent teacher and advisor for those who want to put together a leading edge social media strategy.”


Leanne Hagerty,, Business Coach, Sydney, Australia