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The Importance of Role Modelling in Digital Marketing

In the pre-digital age, role models were individuals who served as an example and were emulated by others. Role Models were sporting heroes, public icons, community leaders & business leaders.


However, with the advent of digital media, role modeling took a whole different meaning. For any newbie getting started with digital marketing one of the key tips that has been widely quoted for success is – role modelling.


So what is digital marketing role modeling?  There are so many tips and tricks for successful engagement and community building through digital marketing, but the most common of them all is watching and learning from companies and brands who have already created successful digital marketing campaigns. Whether you are a seasoned digital marketer or a novice, you can always learn from and analyse how others like you are engaging with users and why their campaigns are more successful than yours.


Admittedly, each campaign is unique and has been created for a different audience and with a different end goal in mind, however the underlying objective is always the same – gain supporters, increase number of fans, engage and interact with customers. At the end of the day, any marketer’s performance is measured by the Return on Investment (ROI) that is generated. The digital marketing space is no different – the end goal of any online campaign is to generate sales and gain visibility for your products and services.


Let’s look back at some of the successful campaigns and what we can learn from them: –


  1. Intel using YouTube
    In January 2011, Intel launched a blogger film series called “Visual Life”. In this video series, top bloggers discussed how technology and the use of it transformed their day-to-day work.  The initial video generated over a ¼ of a million views within the first two weeks and helped increase Intel’s YouTube channel views by 200%.
  2. Samsung using Facebook
    In order to popularise Samsung TV – the company launched a “Like It, Reveal It, Win It” promotion on Facebook.  Once the page was liked, users were allowed to enter weekly contests by unlocking pixels. The Facebook page gained over 12,000 new followers within the first two weeks.
  3. Pepsi using Social Media
    Similar to Coke, Pepsi launched “Social Vending Machines”. These vending machines with touch screen systems, allowed users to send a drink as a gift to their friends by entering name and mobile number attached with a message or video. In order to promote the vending machine Pepsi released a video called “Social Vending” .
  4. Diesel using Facebook
    In an effort to increase customers to its clothing stores, Diesel introduced Photo Booth. This allowed customers to try on new clothes and click photographs and post them via Facebook.  In the words of Diesel – they created the first ever “Mirror on the Wall” that works in Social Networks.
  5. Volkswagen using Twitter
    In order to promote the Planeta Terra Festival in Brazil, Volkswagen launched a campaign via Twitter where festival tickets where hidden and locations were revealed to users via Google Maps.  The location was revealed based on how many users share the hashtag #foxatplanetaterra on Twitter. The campaign was runaway success with the hashtag trending in Brazil within two hours of launch.


These are but some of the great examples of successful digital marketing campaigns. Each campaign is uniquely designed to serve its purpose but we can all agree that they we innovative, engaging, enticing by way of gifts, videos or tickets and used digital to their advantage. Before you start drafting your next social media marketing campaign, take a few moments to research and choose a successful role model that exists now and may have similarities to your offer or desired outcomes, for your digital marketing campaign.


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