5 Social Selling RULES to Tell Your Audience Great Business Stories online!

09/10/2015 by Logan Nathan

Story-telling is a term thrown into the boardroom more often than I drink coffee! But have you ever wondered what story-telling has got to do with ‘Social Selling’ business! Well, the answer is: Everything! Paraphrasing seasoned digital marketer, Seth Godin, people are no longer interested in the products you sell, but the stories you tell! Why so? As I highlighted in my latest book: Think Digital: The Ultimate digital transformation guide for SMEs: Storytelling has the power to captivate the senses of our audience on a level that’s simply unattainable when we keep on bragging about our products or services alone! Let me explain this further by sharing with you 5 quick RULES of

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New e-book on Social Media for business answers the prayers of confused business owners

23/06/2010 by Logan Nathan

With the entire buzz around social media, entrepreneurs and business owners seem more confused than ever about social media and whether it’s really important for their business. Now a new e-book, “Social Media Secrets For Your Business” has come to the rescue for business owners struggling to come to terms with social media. . . .

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Twitter Secrets for Your Business – eBook written by Logan Nathan

15/06/2009 by Logan Nathan

If you’ve been hearing the entire buzz about Twitter and how even Fortune 500 companies have embraced this social marketing phenomenon to leap-frog their marketing efforts, you may be feeling quite overwhelmed! . . .

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