LinkedIn Launches New Company Pages

15/10/2012 by Logan Nathan

When it comes to social media and B2B relationships, LinkedIn is the first platform that comes to mind. Maintaining a company page on LinkedIn is so common that we don’t even question why we need it anymore. LinkedIn recently announced the launch of new company pages and rolled it out to the public over the course of last week. Let’s take a look at the changes. The major change that LinkedIn has done is at design level, not at feature level. Similar to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, LinkedIn now allows you to add a cover image for your company page. You can use this customisation to show off the more business and operations side of your company. Norwest Business Portal is a gre

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What is Pinterest? How can you use it for your business?

29/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

Started in March 2010 as a beta version, Pinterest is the latest social media network to take the world by storm. An invitation only social media network, that acts like a pin-up board, has already reached 11.7 million monthly active users. It is also currently the internet’s fastest growing website of any kind and is gaining in popularity as a referral marketing platform. . . .

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How can the Sri Lankan Tourism Industry take advantage of Social Media

24/10/2011 by Logan Nathan

700 billion, 30 billion, 200 million -These are some of the staggering numbers being associated with the amount of minutes users spend  interacting, uploading and socialising on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Fickr and Youtube. The results suggest that the number is increasing at an almost astounding rate. To put these numbers into perspective – according to Social2B, 700 billion is the number of minutes people spend on Facebook every month. 35 billion is the amount of content shared on Facebook every month! 200 million is the number of Twitter users worldwide. How many of these videos, links and posts are about Sri Lanka, our hotels and our locations? Not nearly enough

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Choosing your Social Media Consultant for Education, Strategy and Management

21/10/2011 by Logan Nathan

It is not a question of whether businesses need to use social media but a question of how well we use it. But, businesses are overwhelmed, under pressure or confused and need to get experts to advise them on how to handle social media and the platforms. Businesses now know that they need to be getting social in order to drive traffic to their websites and generate Return on Investment (ROI). However, the challenge that businesses face is the lack of expertise in social media and the fact that it can sometimes be time consuming. For those of you who are newbies, social media is a vehicle for communicating socially. But while traditional media is one-way, social media is two-way. You have t

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The “Twitter Secrets For Your Business” Workshop

10/07/2009 by Logan Nathan

Visit The “Twitter Secrets For Your Business” Workshop will show you how to generate ‘targeted online networking connections’ for your business within a very short period! . . .

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