From Concept to Market – A Digital Marketing Success Story in Sydney

06/05/2013 by Logan Nathan

From Concept to Market – A Digital Marketing Success Story in Sydney In this edition we bring to light the success story of Platinum Valet Dry Cleaning and its path to establishing a strong online presence. Launched in 2012 in Sydney by Sam and Jacki Mansour, Platinum Valet is a family-owned business that is committed to providing convenient dry cleaning and laundry services for households and organisations. Those of you from Sydney and around would appreciate the competitive nature of the dry cleaning industry. When looking for a desired service most of us simply search online, and the dry cleaning industry too is no exception. Standing out from the crowd is always the key. With

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Are you Ready for the SoLoMo Shopper?

23/09/2012 by Logan Nathan

A trend is emerging in the globe – more and more people are using their smartphones to do their shopping. They are hyper-connected, always on the go and can probably tell you more about your product than your marketing staff. Is your business ready for them? With social media having taken over our lives, consumers are now using it to find the latest deals, coupons and are buying them via their smartphones. This means, your conventional store-front traffic is going to take a beating. Consumers are no longer interested in walking into a store and spending hours browsing and buying. Instead, they have taken the browsing and buying online. So if you don’t have an online store or a custome

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