TWITTER for Business – Is it just a passing Fad?

03/11/2010 by Logan Nathan

What started off as a new way to socialise online using just 140 characters has become irreplaceable in the lives of many people. The success of TWITTER as a Social Media Platform until recently had businesses thinking. Could this be used as a medium for sharing information and as an open source of communication with Prospects, Clients, Suppliers and other Interest Groups? . . .

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Marketmetweets – A tool that allows you to successfully market yourself through twitter

24/06/2010 by Logan Nathan

Marketmetweet is a complete customizable Twitter desktop management tool. What makes this tool stand out from the rest of current Twitter management tools is the allowance of unlimited personal branding. Where before when you tweeted a comment it would show where the tweet came from, now with Marketmetweet you can link it directly to an URL or your website or blog to further boost online traffic to your website. . . .

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TweetStats – Overview of useful Twitter Account Statistics

20/05/2010 by Logan Nathan

Graph and analyze your Twitter figures such as tweets per hour, tweets per month, tweet time line and reply statistics. . . .

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Twitterfeed – RSS Feed to Social Media sites (Twitter & Facebook)

by Logan Nathan

Twitterfeed enables you to drive your RSS feeds to Twitter and many other services. You can set up in less than two minutes and join with more than 2,000 people that sign up for Twitterfeed every day. . . .

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Australian Social Media Management Company Launches Twitter Event Sharing Platform –

13/04/2010 by Logan Nathan

A brand new event sharing platform has arrived on the social media scene with the launch of TweetMyEvents on 12th April, 2010. TweetMyEvents is a real-time event sharing platform for the social web. The free service allows users to broadcast their events to the world through Twitter, the popular micro-blogging platform. . . .

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Twittergrader – tool that allows the user to know his Twitter Grade

06/09/2009 by Logan Nathan

Twitter Grader is a tool that allows the user to know his Twitter Grade and will give out suggestions on how to improve his Twitter grade and how to improve his/her sphere of influence on Twitter. The interface of Twitter Grader is majestic. Twitter Grader is one another tool created along with a set of another tools like Website Grader, Press Release Grader and Facebook Grader. . . .

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Retweetist – monitors Twitter for fresh links and ranks them accordingly.

04/09/2009 by Logan Nathan

Retweetist monitors Twitter for fresh links and ranks them according to how new and popular they are. If you really think it’s not the number of followers on Twitter that counts but how many times stuff gets retweeted, Retweetist might be the right service for you. The application and its corresponding Twitter account are essentially Twitter trend barometers and the work of Mike Sheetal, director of Tokyo-based creative agency UltraSuperNew. . . .

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Tweetmeme – scan Twitter for links

03/09/2009 by Logan Nathan

Tweetmeme scans Twitter for links and organizes them in an easy to retweet database. They’ve also provided a cool ReTweet button that displays the number of ReTweets a post has as well as gives you the ability to easily ReTweet the post. TweetMeme is a service which aggregates all the popular links on Twitter to determine which links are popular. TweetMeme categorises these links into Categories, Subcategories and Channels, making it easy to filter out the noise to find what you’re interested in. . . .

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BackType & Backtweets

02/09/2009 by Logan Nathan

Backtweets is the Twitter side of BackType, a conversational search engine. It’s a great way to see who’s tweeting your posts, even if they forgot to post it as a ReTweet. Every once and awhile I’ll type in my blog url just to see an overview of everyone that’s been tweeting my posts. BackTweets is a fresh new take on a Twitter search engine: It un-shortens and catalogs URLs sent via Twitter. . . .

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Autofollow with Twollow

01/09/2009 by Logan Nathan

Twollow, similiarly to Twitseeker allows you to find followers through keyword search. Using a Twollow account you can register keywords which will be searched continuously in order to find other tweeters. These tweeters are then automatically followed. So you don’t need to continuously search keywords. . . .

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