Why is Social Media Important for your overall Google SEO Strategy?

04/06/2012 by Logan Nathan

Have your search engine rankings taken a beating of late? Have you noticed a decrease or increase in your rank based on keywords, domain and target audience? You probably didn’t realise that Google has updated its search algorithm with 50 major changes – Google Panda 3.4. . . .

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10 Reasons Why You Need To Link Your Website To Twitter And Facebook

18/12/2010 by Logan Nathan

If you are serious about running an online business and you do not have an existing Twitter or Facebook account yet, then you should consider creating these accounts right away find your way to making your own business pages in these two accounts. Social Media for Business Case Study – Focus Fitness, Sydney, Australia Using Face book and Twitter to promote your company or perhaps sell your products is definitely one of the best ways by which you can intensify your product or company’s popularity among consumers.  If you do not have one yet, here are some of the reasons why you should at this instant come up with your own Facebook and Twitter business accounts from my personal firs

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3 Logical Reasons To Start Linking Your Website To Facebook and Twitter

17/12/2010 by Logan Nathan

If you are running an online business, make sure that you understand it is not enough to simply create your own business pages or build your own fan pages which may help promote your business; because in reality, there is also a great need for you to establish your Facebook and Twitter business pages linking to your website Social Media for Business Case Study – Focus Fitness, Sydney, Australia Take note that if your website does not seem to be consistent with your newly created Facebook and Twitter accounts, then all your attempts to effectively network your business are soon doomed to fail. Here are some of the things you will need to consider from my personal first hand experience

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Does your online presence need a health-check?

08/07/2009 by Logan Nathan

You probably are well aware that your success online depends on getting targeted traffic to your website, providing compelling content, converting traffic into leads, and converting leads into customers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could afford to hire a Web Design & Marketing Specialist who would always be there to make sure that you’re doing the right things online? But, that’s really not a practical solution, especially in current economic conditions. . . .

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Here is what out what our customers have said about the website review done for their online business

05/07/2009 by Logan Nathan

“Logan & Neil’s Website review provided some great feedback on the Betchoice.com website. A step by step approach on what we had to do to the programming side of the website once implemented increased our website traffic substantially. More visitors to the web site means more punters for us! Thanks to Website Review & Strategy for this great website review”……… Mark Morrissey, CEO, Betchoice.com . . .

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Insider Secrets That Will Drive Massive Traffic to Your Web Site

15/05/2009 by Logan Nathan

The Step-by-Step guide to developing a Website Review & Strategy for your Web Site… Often organisations dive into a great ‘look and feel’ web site and launch it without understanding several vital points. Others think they have covered majority of what they ‘think’ is required and launch a web site. In both these circumstances, 6 months down the track they wonder why there is no traffic to the web site, resulting in no sales of the product offering or information requested about the service offering. . . .

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