Getting Your Website Integrated With Social Media written by Logan Nathan

30/12/2009 by Logan Nathan

Until recently business owners considered Social Media a passing fad. Now even the big business have realised the immense potential of social media as a marketing tool and have embraced this marketing phenomenon with open arms. The obvious next step of course is to integrate social media with the business website. While this may sound difficult to anyone outside the technology industry, it really is not difficult. Essentially using social media is just another way of expanding channels of communication with prospects and customers using content in different forms that are already prevalent, such as video, audio and text. . . .

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Social Media Strategy For Business

20/12/2009 by Logan Nathan

Social media has taken the marketing world by storm and ignoring it can result in lost market share and opportunities to promote brand awareness among a far wider community of prospects that traditional media can ever hope to reach. An amazing business tool, social media, if used correctly can open up an entirely new communication channel to enable businesses engage with customers, obtain valuable insights and respond in an appropriate manner to gain brand equity and increase the level of trust with the company. Besides, by using available measurement tools the effectiveness of the conversations that businesses have with prospects can be measured closely, allowing them to fine tune their soc

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Sydney based Internet Marketing Company wins Hills Excellence in Business Award

30/11/2009 by Logan Nathan

ICT Internet Presence (owned and operated by Logan Nathan Pty Ltd) based in the Norwest Business Park has won the coveted ‘Hills Excellence in Business Award 2009’ for their Innovation in Process/Technology. Located in one of the fastest growing and popular business parks based in the Hills District (North West of Sydney), ICT Internet Presence (ICTIP) has been servicing customers throughout Australia and the award is a testimony to their focus & implementation of a number of innovative online initiatives using creative Social Media techniques. . . .

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RSS – Can it Be Used As A Social Media Tool?

13/11/2009 by Logan Nathan

The advent of Web 2, quickly introduced the concept of social marketing, which has changed the way businesses go about driving traffic to their websites and blogs. Linking a website to social media channels such a s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter helps marketers get their business categorized correctly by search engines. This results in targeted traffic being driven to the websites. . . .

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Driving Traffic To Your Website With RSS Feeds

by Logan Nathan

While many internet users readily click on the RSS button on their preferred websites to keep themselves updated on news, sports, blogs or videos, few seem to realise the role that RSS can play in the improving search engine ranking on Google or driving traffic to their websites. . . .

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Sydney Entrepreneur Uncovers Twitter Secrets For Business

20/10/2009 by Logan Nathan

Sydney Entrepreneur Uncovers Twitter Secrets For Businessydney Entrepreneur Logan Nathan has uncovered the secrets to using Twitter as an addition to the marketing arsenal of businesses and is now sharing his secrets through his successful “Twitter Secrets For Business” seminar and recently launched E-book ( . . .

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Twitter – The Social Media Tool That Works Wonders For Business

09/10/2009 by Logan Nathan

First it was Google that piqued the interest of the business world. While most business owners continue to focus on Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), and what they need to do to continue rank high on Google and other search engines, savvy corporations and small businesses are breaking rank and focusing their efforts in a new direction – Twitter, the social media platform that has quickly become a phenomenon in online marketing. So what’s so special about Twitter, and what are these businesses doing that makes Twitter an exciting proposition for business growth.   A funnel of information   How would you like to get the latest information on a subject? Information that has been poste

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Social Media Tools To Get The Edge On Competition written by Logan Nathan

23/09/2009 by Logan Nathan

Social media is increasingly being talked about in corporate circles as the new wave of marketing. Both large and small organisations have taken up the challenge, revamping their marketing strategies with social media as a key element of the overall marketing plan. For an effective social media marketing campaign the right social media tools are the key to long-term success. These tools must be carefully integrated into a social media plan so that they complement each other for a synergistic effect. . . .

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Can Social Networking Opportunities Spiral Business Growth? written by Logan Nathan

20/09/2009 by Logan Nathan

With the entire buzz surrounding the emergence of social networks such as FaceBook, MySpace and now Twitter, you may be wondering if there’s some way that you can harness the power of these tools to grow your business. Many businesses struggling with old school marketing techniques will be amazed to learn that Social Networking is the Internet’s fastest growing traffic generator, with new users signing up at a phenomenal pace. What is even more interesting to businesses is that the users join these networks not just for consuming information, but to actually interact create their own online content in a manner that was just not possible with traditional media. . . .

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Retweetrank – find rank of any twitter user

10/09/2009 by Logan Nathan

Retweetrank lets you find rank of any twitter user. With the rank, latest retweets of the user are shown and an RSS feed can also be grabbed for the same. Monitoring retweets can provide a better understanding of audience to the originator while others can see the most interesting tweets of a user. . . .

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