i4Tradies – The Smartest Find-a-Tradie platform around!


Finding a Tradie made super-fast and simple!

i4Tradies is a one-of-its-kind finding-a-tradie platform that simplifies and super-charges your journey as you look for a qualified, trusted, tradie in your local area.

From connecting with the right service provider to placing a job request, getting quotes, tracking job progress, getting invoiced and making payment, i4Tradies makes finding a tradie and getting work down a piece of cake!

Gear up and get ready for a trades’ customer experience you have never had before!

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The amazing i4Tradies journey!

Having experienced first-hand the headache it can be to find and connect with trusted, local tradies, I paired my acumen for technology and my passion to work with Tradies, to develop a tradie-finding platform that bridges the gap and connects the dots between tradies and consumers in a fast and simple way.

i4Tradies find-a-tradie platform allows consumers to take full control of their jobs from who to hire and how to pay and everything in between. Since setting its foot in the trades services industry in 2017, i4Tradies has now evolved into an award-winning finding-a-tradie platform, trusted by customers all around Australia. After finding success locally, i4Tradies is now ready to set its mark globally, expanding into
more regions worldwide, while staying true to our core values of transparency, efficiency,
compliance and safety as we continue to grow.

Delivering peace of mind when finding a tradie for your next job!

Finding a tradie is a job in itself. With little information at hand, it can be confusing and time-consuming with no guaranteed results. i4Tradies allows you to check tradie credentials, skim through consumer ratings and view a tradie’s completed jobs, so you know you are hiring only the best.

Visit or Download the i4Tradies Find-a-Tradie app and take control of your jobs today!