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Selecting a business advisor
Social Media

Selecting a Business Advisor – When and Why to Have One

It can be a tough call to ask for help, especially when you don’t even know that you need it in the first place.

However, as a business owner wearing multiple hats at the same time, I knew that in order to take my business to the next level, I needed expert advice from someone who knew the industry inside out.

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Social Media

Startup Entrepreneurship: Everything you need to know

Sometimes I wonder why can’t I be a monk so I can spend the rest of my days in peace. But then the reminder for the next investor meeting beeps on my phone and before I know it I’m once again lost in the number game. 

Sometimes I dream about taking a holiday and so my wife and I can go to see all the places we always wanted. But guess who wants to join us on the trip? My team!  

Sometimes I find myself wondering about all the other things my life would be about if I had not founded i4Tradies. An hour later, I’m talking to my team about our journey to change the world and make it a better place. 

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solomoIT Enhancing the digital experience of Tradespersons and Trade Consumers for Decades

The digital marketing space has evolved a lot in the last few years. It has completely transformed the landscape that once consisted of just a few social media channels and a handful of marketers excelling at it.
Today it has become so much more.
When Logan began his journey dipping his toes in the untested waters of the digital world, things were different.
Let us take you on a roller coaster ride of how the idea of solomoIT came into being.

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i4tGlobal culture article image

Creating Right fertilizer for your business CULTURE in the post COVID-19 era!

While some would say that we are going through a challenging post COVID-19 era and its time to slow down, there are others who would embrace the new challenges thrown their way and make the best out of it. When the going gets tough you give it your strength, time and goodwill and let it take the upper hand.

Well, time has come to change your pattern of thinking, make this era YOUR era, be an inspiration, be a winner. Build not a business but a business which is strong, successful and sustainable. Learn and thrive through the trying times, as those are the times where you get to learn for free and mend your mistakes. Consider it experience, exposure and set new milestones. Be a leader in your behavior, not by title. Be a team player as together makes us stronger. Let us nurture the CULTURE to reach greener and healthy pastures. Grow your business the correct and the steady way.

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Angel Investing for your start-up business? Make your path pitch-perfect

We as social beings need interaction with others. We all have a purpose in life. Some of us have many purposes, targets and goals set to be achieved to maintain our standard of living and to offer others an opportunity to do so too.
We humans are a creative race and feel productive when we do a job or achieve a milestone.
We learn new things endlessly during this lifelong journey, acquire new skills, broaden our community, and contribute to the community.
Some of us strive to broaden our horizons and aren’t afraid to welcome challenges. They champion their targets and make solid and commendable achievements.

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Logan Nathan at McGrath Gold Coast

i4T Global – The journey of all-in-one Field Service Management platform

We live in a digital age, where we think digital and consume digital. From our lifestyle choices like health and recreation, to how we reach out to our customers, today every bit of information that we process and consume has been digitised.
That was not always the case.
I started my digital marketing career when the term was unheard of, as early as 2004.
The year the first ever social media platform to have survived till date was launched! Today we cannot imagine our lives without Facebook and other social media platforms of the likes.

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effective communication

Effective communication – breaking through the clutter during times of uncertainty, with CARE

Effective communication – breaking through the clutter during a pandemic, with CARE

These are unprecedented times. Uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect all of us – from the way we work, to how we function as families and communities. On top of it, news reports across the country are screaming, “Australia is officially in recession for the first time in 30 years”. Tough times indeed. However, the thing about a “tough time” is that while it impacts us all at our very core, it also brings out the best in people. From healthcare workers and supermarket staff to office workers and trades services professionals, there are countless examples of the indomitable human spirit, right here in Australia. While some leaders have taken a step back, sending their organisations spiraling backwards, with terrible service delivery, and even worse communication, others have risen to the occasion. The latter have shown empathy, care and compassion, through their words, backed by action. Sometimes, these messages, from the heart, inspire. They help us see the silver lining. Brand and culture transformation expert Martin Lindstrom says in his article, “Your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity”, “Leadership, in my opinion, is all about visibility and in these times… encouragement”. We can achieve this through effective communication. Here are my 4 tips to effective communication to break through the clutter during times of pandemic, using my CARE model:

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Is Microsoft the Answer to Your SMB’s Digital Transformation Journey?

“It’s no longer about procuring one solution and deploying one. It’s really you yourself thinking of your own future as a digital company.” – Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella

With cloud, mobile, social, and big data transforming the everyday lives of our customers – the only option today’s businesses are left with – is to prepare for change or let competitors take over.

As a Microsoft Surface Life Brand Ambassador, I’ve been to several Microsoft events where products are being showcased, highlighting the key role they play in improving operational efficiency and meeting customer expectations for various businesses.

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