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i4T global

Disruptive FSM software defying all odds

When the rest of the world was scaling back amid COVID pandemic, we knew that for us there is no way other than to move ahead.

We decided to not just stand our ground and fight for what we had worked so hard for, but to keep conquering the lucrative market with our one-of-its-kind disruptive FSM software.

Forward has been the only way for us!

Overcoming the challenges that 2020 brought, 2021 proved to be an extremely positive year for i4T Global FSM software.

We welcomed new partnerships, rolled out amazing new updates, and joined hands with complementary solution providers to offer integrations that made i4T Global an FSM software like no other.

But that’s not the only way we expanded. We hired fresh talent because we wanted to deliver what we had promised: A Field Service Management solution that the industry can’t just live without!

On to something big and exciting!

Already having a solid B2C and B2B clientele locally comprising of field service suppliers and field service agents, the next step to go global just came naturally for us, as we now began to add new regions like Oceania, United States and Europe.

Becoming World’s Leading FSM software

Our goal is to make i4T Global the Field Service Management platform the industry would love!

Connecting the dots!

i4T Global FSM software bridges the gap between Field Service Suppliers, Field Service Agents and Property Occupants with its 360-degree approach with solutions that include i4T Business, i4T Maintenance and i4T Consumer.

i4T Maintenance

This platform is designed for turnkey service providers such as real estate agents, property managers, hotels and retail chain, stratas and facilities managers offering them complete transparency and compliance from start to finish for every work order.

i4T Business

This is a revolutionary platform for trades business owners to help manage their jobs from quoting to invoicing and everything in between, with an end-to-end customer experience management solution.


From finding the right person for the job to requesting Repairs and Maintenance (R&M) work, tracking job progress and making payments, i4T Consumer delivers an Uber-style platform, putting the reins in the hands of the consumers.

What makes i4T Global the best FSM software in the industry?

i4T Global has not just partnered with some of the leading Property Maintenance and Strata Management companies along with reputed Trades Service Associations but the FSM software also offers integrations with the best accounting and payment platforms like Google Cloud, Xero, MYOB and Stripe. This make i4T Global an end-to-end Field Service Management platform, like no other!

i4T Global Partners

i4Tradies has already partnered with key market aggregators and service providers in Oceania and is open to receive collaboration requests from around the globe, regions including Americas, Europe/UK, Middle East/Africa, South Asia and South East Asia.

i4T Global Investors

Having successfully revolutionising the Australian industry with the ultimate FSM software, we now ready to roll out i4T Global to other regions around the world.

We are open to investors who believe in i4T Global’s potential to transform the international Field Service Management industry, forever.