What is Pinterest? How can you use it for your business?

29/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

Started in March 2010 as a beta version, Pinterest is the latest social media network to take the world by storm. An invitation only social media network, that acts like a pin-up board, has already reached 11.7 million monthly active users. It is also currently the internet’s fastest growing website of any kind and is gaining in popularity as a referral marketing platform. . . .

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[Case Study] – Sydney Based Plumber goes Social

22/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

One hour Plumbing is a Sydney based plumbing service that specialises in hot water, blocked drains and other services such as sewer installation, rain water tanks, taps and toilet repairs together with bathroom and kitchen renovation. The unique service guarantee of One Hour Plumbing is that they quote by the job and not by the hour. . . .

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10 Great Tips for Getting Started with LinkedIn in 2012

19/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

The Social Media team at ICT Social Business spent the better part of 2012 concentrating on Social Search, Social Business and SoLoMo. But this week, we thought it would be a good idea to go back to our Social Media basics, more specifically LinkedIn. We all understand the importance of LinkedIn as a B2B social media marketing tool, and we understand that for a novice it can be quite overwhelming to get started on LinkedIn. Our Business Development Manager – Richard Holland, a relative social media and LinkedIn virgin, has created his own profile and listed a few tips which he thinks will help others like him to Get Started on LinkedIn. Here are the ten tips …. Don’t be afra

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Ten tips that changed how I use Facebook for Business

15/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

When I first joined ICT Social Business, to say I was green behind the ears about Social Media, would be an understatement. I had used Facebook and Twitter for leisure but in no shape or form for business. After many internal trainings session, I became confident in managing major client accounts. During my morning online research rituals, I always find interesting articles and tips on how social media and Facebook can be used for business. So I decided to share some tips which I feel have changed how I use Facebook for Business. Here are the ten tips in managing Facebook for Business: – Tip 1:  – Role Modelling: Take a look at successful social media campaigns and top br

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The Importance of Role Modelling in Social Media

07/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

In the pre-social media age, role models were individuals who served as an example and were emulated by others. Role Models were sporting heroes, public icons, community leaders & business leaders. However, post social media, role modeling took a whole different meaning. For any newbie getting started with social media, one of the key tips that has been widely quoted for social media success is – role modelling. So what is social media role modeling?  There are so many tips and tricks for successful social media engagement and community building, but the most common of them all is watching and learning from companies and brands who have already created successful social media

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