The New Changes to Google+ Social Media Platform

30/04/2012 by Logan Nathan

The changes that are being to social media sites are a regular occurrence that we tend to not have the time to keep with all of the changes. However, when the social media site of the No 1 search engine in the world makes changes, we sit up and take notice. I have compiled a list of the major changes that Google+ has made. . . .

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How can Social Media be utilised by Hotels?

21/04/2012 by Logan Nathan

Social Media is an ideal marketing and communication channel for the hospitality industry. Online reputation management has become the front runner for any hotel’s PR policy. It’s not a question of whether hotels use social media but how effectively these networks are being utilised to improve brand recognition, loyalty and bookings. . . .

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Is your website SoLoMo ready?

11/04/2012 by Logan Nathan

Over the past decade the internet has changed rapidly and drastically. Search Engines have evolved, website designing has changed and social media marketing together with the smartphones and tablets have revolutionised website design and development. . . .

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The Role of Social Media in the Real Estate Industry

05/04/2012 by Logan Nathan

At this point, it is safe to say that social media has revolutionised online marketing in every industry. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and other social media channels have become a large part of the marketing campaigns of companies. The Real Estate industry is no different. Real Estate involves the selling and buying of land, property, apartments and other buildings. This makes real estate the perfect candidate for social media platforms. In an industry where buyers and realtors need to meet, social media is the bridge that can provide the means to the end. . . .

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