10 Reasons Why SMBs Must Implement a Customer EXPERIENCE Management Culture Today

11/08/2016 by Logan Nathan

Are you guilty of treating digital marketing as a ‘nice to have’ than an integral part of your business strategy? With most Small To Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) treating the Social and Mobile experience as a mere “check in the box”, without translating it into a mechanism to live up to their customer expectations, it’s not a surprise why most SMB brands have not emerged beyond being just another product/service! SMBs must branch out their digital efforts to build stronger business relationships with their customers.That calls for not only collecting useful customer insights, but leveraging the information to optimise every interaction from the customer’s perspective to fos

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7 Reasons Why SME Businesses Must SURFACE In 2016 And Beyond

01/08/2016 by Logan Nathan

Businesses that have already surfaced to the cloud are aware of the massive efficiencies they are able to reap using web and mobile applications leveraging the latest digital hybrid technology hardware interfaces. With the growing need for Small to Medium Enterprise Businesses (SMEs) to become more productive and versatile, there has never been a more perfect time to embrace cloud, excel in your passion and make your business SURFACE as a leader in your niche. If you have read any of my previous articles, you probably know where I am heading to! Yes, you guessed it! I will be using SURFACE as an acronym to explain why a hybrid device and a cloud interface can push your SME business throu

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