Twitter – Building relationships one tweet at a time

26/07/2010 by Logan Nathan

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform that allows users to communicate using short messages with 140 characters in real time. Users can follow each other and keep up to date on what their followers and other businesses are posting. . . .

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How Businesses Can Overcome Social Media Obstacles

by Logan Nathan

Businesses who start out with Social Media Campaigns often complain that their efforts do not show results. It is true that Social Media Marketing may not always produce instant results that are expected by a generation of business owners who have grown up in the “instant gratification” culture of the modern society. On the other hand there are certain obstacles that entrepreneurs and business owners need to be able to overcome for their Social Media Campaigns to be effective. . . .

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Business Blog – How to build one and what to post

20/07/2010 by Logan Nathan

Before you begin setting up a blog on your business website, the question you need to ask yourself is what will get visitors to return to your website frequently to view your new posts. Certain blog building elements are crucial to the success of building a business blog. All these elements should be in place for a blog to be effective. The basic elements are like building blocks and while they are not difficult to build, they are extremely important. . . .

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Social Media Marketing – Your new traffic tool

13/07/2010 by Logan Nathan

Are you in an atmosphere to drive traffic to your website and increasing conversions? Enter Social media without slaying your assets… This can drive an insane amount of traffic to your website. This phenomenon of Social Media Marketing has even overtaken SEO on many fronts such as its popularity. There are numerous ways to do it and several Social Networks to do this with. Naturally one size does not at all and each Social Network needs to be worked differently for the desired results. . . .

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Marketmetweets – A tool that allows you to successfully market yourself through twitter

24/06/2010 by Logan Nathan

Marketmetweet is a complete customizable Twitter desktop management tool. What makes this tool stand out from the rest of current Twitter management tools is the allowance of unlimited personal branding. Where before when you tweeted a comment it would show where the tweet came from, now with Marketmetweet you can link it directly to an URL or your website or blog to further boost online traffic to your website. . . .

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New e-book on Social Media for business answers the prayers of confused business owners

23/06/2010 by Logan Nathan

With the entire buzz around social media, entrepreneurs and business owners seem more confused than ever about social media and whether it’s really important for their business. Now a new e-book, “Social Media Secrets For Your Business” has come to the rescue for business owners struggling to come to terms with social media. . . .

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Mapping Social Media To Sales In B2B Marketing

21/06/2010 by Logan Nathan

Just like a sales letter sent out as a direct mailer or posted on a website, using social media to monetize B2B sales requires finding out ways of using the internet to solve a prospect’s problems. Businesses now have the opportunity to identify the needs of customers through monitoring online conversations and addressing these, thereby improving engagement. . . .

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TweetStats – Overview of useful Twitter Account Statistics

20/05/2010 by Logan Nathan

Graph and analyze your Twitter figures such as tweets per hour, tweets per month, tweet time line and reply statistics. . . .

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Twitterfeed – RSS Feed to Social Media sites (Twitter & Facebook)

by Logan Nathan

Twitterfeed enables you to drive your RSS feeds to Twitter and many other services. You can set up in less than two minutes and join with more than 2,000 people that sign up for Twitterfeed every day. . . .

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Copywriting Tips for Creating Irresistible Offers on your Website

by Logan Nathan

While many business owners get excited about their beautiful looking website, few pay attention to the content, which is what visitors to the website look at when they land on a website. The challenge for businesses is to get the website visitor interested in reading through to the end of the web page and taking some action. Depending on the purpose of the website this could either be to buy a product, fill out details on the Contact Us Form or book an appointment for a consultation for your services. . . .

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