How To Leverage Digital Transformation to Become Global STARS? – A Case Study

23/06/2016 by Logan Nathan

Although I’ve been in the digital marketing scene for over a decade, my experience writing my latest book, ‘A Guide to Digital Transformation for SMEs’ further increased my sensitivity to the subtle and drastic changes that occur in the world of business. Most of these changes are fueled by innovation using digital technology! This Case Study Is About How an Ordinary Individual Took Extraordinary Actions and Become a Global Star! Most of us are aware of companies such as AirBnB and Uber, who have innovatively revolutionised the way we book our accommodation and travel using Social, Local and Mobile Information and Digital Technologies. Valued at over billions of dollars, neither of

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Is Your Business A Potential Target For The Next Digital DISRUPTION?

02/02/2016 by Logan Nathan

Having the potential to turn the sails in favour of neophytes and bring down incumbents, Digital Disruption is reshaping markets with the speed and force that has no match in history! Survivors are those businesses that are pro-actively adopting digital, but in order to thrive, they must also innovate new business models to keep pace with the digital age! What does Digital DISRUPTION mean for your business? If it’s the destiny of every business what can we do to prepare for it? Let’s dive in and find out! Drive for digital has already happened! According to a forecast by Accenture, in just 5 years, Australia’s digital economy is going to experience a 26.1% growth from 201

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21 Digital Marketing Trends for SMEs in 2016 – An Infographic

27/01/2016 by Logan Nathan

When it comes to the emerging digital marketing trends, questions like “What’s Hot” and “What’s New”, always seem to be on the radar! The way I see it, 2016 will be heading towards a major shift in three prominent areas of digital marketing by focusing on ROI: R – Responsive WEBSITE Design Layout O – OPTIMISE for Search Engines (SEO) I – Innovative SOCIAL Media Marketing Campaigns Let’s dive into what is going to be different about each of these in 2016 and how SME business owners can keep up to grow online and achieving your ROI! Responsive WEBSITE Design Layout With less than 10 seconds to make a first great impression with your company website today, following are the act

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Social Selling: Is This The Right Way to Sell on LinkedIn and other Social Platforms?

02/05/2014 by Logan Nathan

In my previous article “How Will Social Selling Change your Business in 2014?” I explained why it’s important to embrace this practice for fast-tracking business growth. This article is the second in the series and focuses on how SELLLING should be done on social networks which includes LinkedIn. While many business owners are beginning to learn the science of Social Selling, sales and marketing practitioners have mixed feelings about its success, complaining they don’t see an immediate outcome and therefore often give up. After practicing Social Selling for over four years I have come to realise that successful social selling requires that you follow a strategic process. The o

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Are You Listening, Shouting or Collaborating with your Digital Marketing Online Audience?

11/04/2014 by Logan Nathan

By now we all accept that Social Media Channels and Smart Mobile devices have revolutionised the way businesses brand, communicate and present themselves to prospects, clients, suppliers and others important to growing a business. Now that we are using these amazing technologies to broadcast our messages, have we stopped to think about our activities online and whether we are using it to get the best outcome for our business? In my digital marketing consulting assignments, I’m often approached by business owners who complain that despite a respectable presence and active participation online, they haven’t been able to engage their audience in a manner that eventually leads to a busine

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Does Your Digital Marketing Blueprint Have the Power to Impact the Business Landscape?

10/03/2014 by Logan Nathan

When clients approach me to help them design and implement a digital marketing strategy, one of the first things I notice very often is that they find it very challenging to go about creating a digital marketing blueprint in this age where new media are sprouting at an astonishing pace. So how do you structure your Digital Blueprint to create an impact on the business landscape? That’s what I’m about to share you in this article and explain how you can make an IMPACT with your own Digital Marketing Blueprint! Integration – Using Social Local Mobile  To begin with, you need to understand how the digital landscape has changed so you can reach your prospects quickly and efficientl

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How Will Social Selling Change your Business in 2014?

12/02/2014 by Logan Nathan

Can you believe that a month has flown past and we’re into February? By now you’ve probably shaken off the holiday mood and are back into implementing strategies to achieve your business goals. If you’ve been following my previous articles, I’m sure you want to know what’s new with social selling in 2014 and what you should do to outdo your competitors this year. In just one word here it is…building T.R.U.S.T. with your prospects and clients. Ask any salesperson and they’ll say how much harder it is to sell to a decision maker they haven’t had the opportunity of establishing a relationship with. Why? Think of it this way. How would a lady react if a man aske

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Top 7 Trends for an Effective Website Makeover

12/08/2013 by Logan Nathan

Is your business website providing the necessary results that you have been looking for? If you have been thinking of building a new website or revamping your existing one, read on as we take you through some creative and exciting trends in web design technology. Your website makeover will be a success, we promise! Your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. And, as you invest more in it, having a great website goes without saying. A great website consists of several factors. Some of the most important ones being:   Consistent design User-friendly interface Clarity and visibility of information Compatible on different browsers Adaptabil

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Mobile Apps and Their Importance to SMEs in Australia

17/06/2013 by Logan Nathan

Mobile Apps and Their Importance to SMEs in Australia In this week’s edition of our newsletter we will be talking about the impact mobile apps can have towards providing a boost to your small business in Australia. Mobile apps is a widely talked about topic today. With the rapid rise of smartphone usage it has become a leading source of convenience for both business and customers. Be it for product searches, product reviews, purchases, reservations, bookings etc. mobile is increasingly becoming the preferred source. Small business owners depend on staying connected with their customers and mobile apps provide the perfect medium. According to, as much as 80% of the w

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HootSuite – A Flexible Social Media Management Solution – Part 1

20/05/2013 by Logan Nathan

HootSuite – A Flexible Social Media Management Solution – Part 1 Social media has risen to becoming platform for businesses to gain more reputation, branding, traffic and generate leads for your business. With the benefits offered by each social media platform varying, most Australian businesses have found it to be beneficial to maintain a presence in the key social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, experience tells us, managing a wide range of profiles can be overwhelming and you may have experienced your social media activities spiraling out of control.  Social media management tools such as HootSuite can help you gain control and get th

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