Creating Right fertilizer for your business CULTURE in the post COVID-19 era!

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While some would say that we are going through a challenging post COVID-19 era and its time to slow down, there are others who would embrace the new challenges thrown their way and make the best out of it. When the going gets tough you give it your strength, time and goodwill and let it take the upper hand. Well, time has come to change your pattern of thinking, make this era YOUR era, be an inspiration, be a winner. Build not a business but a business which is strong, successful and sustainable. Learn and thrive through the trying times, as those are the times where you get to learn for free and mend your mistakes. Consider it experience, exposure and set new milestones. Be a leader in your behavior, not by title. Be a team player as together makes us stronger. Let us nurture the CULTURE to reach greener and healthy pastures. Grow your business the correct and the steady way.

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"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope"

How do we build a business that is strong, successful and sustainable?

Nature holds many secret ingredients. Let us use one. Trees. You look at a tree which is healthy and blossoming with beautiful flowers, juicy fruit and leaves that adds nourishment & shade. Have you ever wondered what made the tree stand so grand? Well of course the roots, strong and healthy roots which are hidden from our view. Likewise, key to success is very approachable but hidden from us and will remain hidden if we do not persevere to find it.

A simple approach towards success

Let’s take a leaf out of the book of mother nature!

Leaders need to be strong and upright like the trunk of the tree

An organisation requires strong leaders who are able to nurture, build, help sustain and encourage a great team that strives their way towards one goal. A team is able to always rely upon its leaders. A great leader will bear and face challenges without hesitation and be able to influence his/her team whilst sharing expertise.

So have leaders who “knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”

When everyone works together the team blossoms like new leaves

Nurture a team that is successfully able to deliver products and services which are up to par with the quality standards, requirements and expectations of your valued clients. If you have a team that can & will make your customers happy, don’t let it go. This is the team that has the ability to work together towards the company’s vision, and its priceless.

A Good company culture is like the roots holding everything together

A strong organization will always flourish upon a good CULTURE.

What is CULTURE? It’s the FERTILIZER having all the elements which are the backbone of any successful organization. 


Effective communication is the ultimate success and a great interpersonal skill. Communicate on a daily basis, encourage your team to speak, share their thoughts. It helps to avoid misinterpretations, promotes learning and listening. Effective communication assists in decision making & planning, increases managerial efficiency and supports a smooth & efficient work ambiance. 

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An employee should be given a proper training & introduction on the nature of the products and services which are delivered to the customers and that of the nature of operations in an organization. True business understanding means who have the knowledge to withstand the toughest customers and get to know the pros & cons of your product / services line. Never leave a gap for the customer to complain. The better the understanding, the better is the customers’ satisfaction rate.

Understanding your customer, his/her way of communication, requirements, strengths & weaknesses is vital. As based on your knowledge of understanding, products & services can be catered accordingly plus you can deliver a “personalized service” attracting customers, making them feel important.

Empathy within an organization shows how respectful you are towards your co-workers. It’s a great quality which promotes productivity and loyalty.


The right influence and the right amount of control will no doubt assist an organization to prosper. Plan the best out of the resources you have. Assign the right person to the right job. Motivate your team for a higher productivity rate. Create a win-win situation for all.

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We all talk about time management and how important it is in order to sustain a business. Suffice to say, mismanagement of time can mean letting down your team as well as your clients.

Organize & prioritize your work to manage your time efficiently. It will enhance your performance, allow you to focus more on work and assist to achieve goals with less effort. Meet deadlines & lead-times, present yourself on time for your appointments as you represent your company. It’s in your hands to give a good impression which will last long-term and enable to take on new opportunities and grow your business. Say good-bye to unnecessary stress.


Know your resources and understand strengths & weaknesses. Give value to them. Manage effectively & economically. Simply put, get things done in the right manner with minimum time & minimum cost. Efficient utilization promotes achieving targets easily.

In a time of crisis like this, preparedness is the only way to keep your head above the water and your staff employed even if that means working lesser hours a week.

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Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment

Repetition assists a particular skill to be practiced over or over so much so that it makes you a connoisseur. It also gives you the ability to revive previously learned knowledge. Repeat your best to get the best out of youself.


As Amelia Carhart once said, “The most effective way to do it is to do it”. So how do we get it done?

Some might say that’s why the leaders are there. They are there to get things done. Even though leaders are the main pillars of any organization they are neither superheroes nor all-rounders. Well, that’s why there is a team!

Understand your team’s unique abilities, strengths and assist them to develop their knowledge by training & presenting them with opportunities to learn more to broaden their horizons.

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Appreciation brings positive motivation. Remember to praise in public, punish in private. It’s a great way to boost one’s mojo.  

After all a happy employee delivers nothing but the best thereby leaving happy customers and stakeholders.

Wrapping up

Create an atmosphere where your company CULTURE can flourish.

Let us all grow together by using the right fertilizer, be the brand that our customers’ want to do business with in the post COVID-19 era!