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We live in a digital age, where we think digital and consume digital. From our lifestyle choices like health and recreation, to how we reach out to our customers, today every bit of information that we process and consume has been digitised. That was not always the case. I started my digital marketing career when the term was unheard of, as early as 2004. The year the first ever social media platform to have survived till date was launched! Today we cannot imagine our lives without Facebook and other social media platforms of the likes.

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Providing digital solutions for field services providers for decades

Fascinated by the wonders the social platforms can do in bringing people together I instantly knew that this is not just meant for people to socialise. 

The digital world was developed to connect businesses with customers!

That’s when I decided to launch my own digital marketing business with a handful of awesome minds who were as passionate about this new technology as I was!

With Australia having more than 200,000+ trades businesses, it was no surprise to see field services providers come to me to promote their business online. I decided to focus on this niche and provide services specifically to trades business owners.

Where the i4Tradies idea came from

As I began to work closely with Australian Trades companies (fondly known as Tradies ), I realised that solving their digital marketing woes was just the tip of the iceberg. 

I found that these hardworking blokes were buried under a pile of paperwork every weekend that needed to be sorted out. This should have been the time for them to spend with their families.

On the field, they were stuck in the daily grind of going back and forth with never ending phone calls. Responding to customer requests, quoting jobs, assigning work orders to staff, tracking progress, invoicing and collecting payments.

All this while doing the actual job as well. 

I called them super humans but deep down I knew I had to do something to help them out.

These blokes deserved a break and desperately needed to get their lives back. 

That’s when the idea of i4T Global was born.

Visit : www.i4tglobal.com

Evolution of product during the last 5 years

Since its beta launch in 2017, i4Tradies now marketed as i4T Global Field Service Management platform has come a long way.


We introduced the first version of the platform to the market with a handful of field service providers. The purpose was to simplify workflow for trades businesses or known as Tradies in Australia and help connect seamlessly with their consumers with a B2C approach.


Soon enough we identified the huge gap in the B2B market that was equally plagued by inefficiencies and compliance issues.

We realised that the B2C market uptake was not responding as well as we had expected and decided to shift focus to the B2B market. 

To our delight, we began to get an amazing response.

We entered many profitable partnerships with some of the most reputed Trades Associations across the country, and were endorsed by leading FSM brands. 

We also launched i4T Maintenance: A dedicated solution for Field Service Agents handling Real Estate, Strata, Facilities Management or any other field services management providers that fit into the similar category. 

The brand that was just launched a couple of years ago, soon began to turn heads and gain momentum! 

Slowly but surely, things began to move and we started getting closer to our goal!


logan-nathan-presenting i4tradies app i4tradies

Just as we set up a solid pipeline for success, COVID hit and businesses began to fall apart.

But like the saying goes: Every challenge opens a new door of opportunities.

We decided to hold our ground and fight for what we had worked so hard for.

Since Field services providers remained essential service providers even during the much dreaded lockdown
, we decided to roll out Emergency Response Centre ERC as a part of i4T Global Suite product offerings.

The purpose of ERC was to let people hire trusted and COVID-19 compliant tradies with just a simple SMS, and it worked!

Worked well enough to keep our business afloat and relevant until things came back to normal.

simply send an SMS to us with your requirment and postal code



By the end of the year, the worst days were already behind us and we were back on track with our goal.

Our goal is to make i4T Global a Field Service Management platform the industry would love.

We partnered with Australia’s one of the leading Property Management Companies and launched i4T Global as a global platform.

With our ambitious expansion plans, we strengthened our footprint in Australia and New Zealand. We are now all set to introduce i4T Global Field Service Management platform to global markets driving the right people including USA and UK.

Hiring the right people

Logan with i4Tradies management team

All of this would not have been possible without the right team behind us.

As we continued to grow, we also went on a hunting spree to hire the most qualified, talented and dedicated staff to meet our expansion goals.

Fortunately, we have our own proven off-shore development and support center in Sri Lanka, which has been in operation since 2004. It is well equipped to handle our ambitious global growth requirements 24/7.

Teaming up with the best resource people

We have globally teamed up with the best resource people, who have legal, financial and industry insights. These individuals and businesses are already connected with a lot of Field Services stakeholders, thus promoting i4T Global and providing valuable input to keep improving the Field Service Management suite of products and fast tracking our global growth ambitions.

Improving to an FSM ecosystem

We test and test again, until we are absolutely sure that the i4T Global Field Service Management platform is on par with what the industry demands.

We make product upgrades with new features based on industry insights, competitor analysis and our FSM stakeholders’ requirements. 

This allows us to add more functionality and value to the i4T Global FSM ecosystem, making it an all-in-one field service management omi channel platform.

i4T Global FSM Platform

The i4T Global Field Service Management platform is a Software as a Service solution with a 360-degree approach.

i4T Business

It caters to the needs of Field Service Suppliers offering them better business work-flow management and improved service delivery.

i4T Maintenance

This is aimed at Authorised Field Service Agents to manage property assets more efficiently and transparently


This offers more control and visibility to property occupants for their work orders placed with Field Service Agents and Field Service Suppliers.


Company-branded customised app to seamlessly manage and service property assets.

The Future

The future looks promising for i4T Global Field Service Management platform as we focus on strengthening our footprint globally.

In the year 2022 - 2023:

Master Licence Holders

Companies who are interested in becoming a Master Licence Holders in one or more of the global regions (eg. North Americas, UK, Europe, SE Asia, etc…)

National Market Aggregators

National Market Aggregators who are interested in digitally transforming to simplify their service offering.

Complimentary Marketplace Service Providers

Complimentary Marketplace Service Providers, who are interested in expanding their services either directly or indirectly by partnering with us

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